The Source - Episode 26 - Skeleton Man (featuring David Culemann)

September 30, 2017

Stephen and Ve are joined by special guest David Culemann. They discuss their experiences with the new core set and ban list and then discover the worst cards in the new card pool. 


The Source - Episode 25 - Darwin+Ve4eva

September 20, 2017

Stephen Ball and Ve Herrmann survived hurricane Irma to talk about the news of a revised core set and discuss the impact of each card that is leaving and each card that gets to stay. 


The Source - Episode 24 - Disappointed Mongoose (ft. Tristen Ray-Desantis)

September 5, 2017

Ve and Stephen talk to two time Florida regional winner Tristen Ray-Desantis to discuss his recent regionals win as well as corporate deckbuilding in a post rotation environment. 


The Source - Episode 23 - The In-Flight Retort

August 21, 2017

Stephen and Ve discuss the recent news by FFG during the Q and A at the in-flight report as well as highlight the final Red Sand pack: Crimson Dust. 


The Source - Episode 22 - The Maleficent Moose (ft Jon Dalesandry)

August 14, 2017

Stephen and Ve are joined by special guest Jon Dalesandry. Jon talks about his recent regional win in Atlanta. Then, the group highlights the newest datapack Free Mars and discuss our favorite and least favorite cards rotating out. 


The Source - Episode 21 - Catch Ya Later Cyber Punks

July 24, 2017

Ve Herrmann and Stephen Ball wish best of luck to long time host Brooks Hamer who is leaving the podcast. Then, they use a new brief review format to touch on the highlights of Earth's Scion and Blood and Water. They wrap up the episode by discussing tips for preparing for tournaments. 


The Source - Episode 20 - The Bogg Father (ft Michael Boggs: the lead designer of ANR)

June 19, 2017

Stephen Ball sits down and talks to Michael Boggs (the lead designer of Netunner) about the current challenges the game faces and how Michael intends to improve them. Additionally they dive into the upcoming MWL list and rotation. 


Extra Click 12: Chromed to the Gills ft. Scot Pags (Spags)

May 15, 2017

Ve and Stephen along with special guest Scot Pags (aka Spags) discuss possible implications of rotation as well as the corporation cards from Terminal Directive! 


Extra Click 11: Egret’s Secret Backstory ft. Chris M (Kiv)

May 8, 2017

Ve and Stephen are jointed by special guest Chris M (Kiv) to talk about the new MWL and review the first half of Terminal Directive. Keep a look out for the second part of our Terminal Directive player card review with another awesome guest! 


The Source - Episode 19 - License to Spill

April 15, 2017

Brooks, Stephen and Ve discuss their top 5 favorite card arts in the game. Then they review Station One and discuss the state of the game (pre new mwl 1.2).