The Source - Episode 10 - The Game is a Foot (Featuring Pacer Stringfellow and Zach Cavis)

June 29, 2016

Stephen, Ve and Brooks review the latest data pack: The Liberated Mind and interview recent Atlanta regional 2016 top finisher: Pacer Stringfellow and the winner of Atlanta Regionals: Zach Cavis. 


The Source - Episode 9 - Take Two!

May 25, 2016

Ve, Stephen and Brooks discuss the Salsette Island data pack, some new spoilers and get to know each other better through silly netrunner related questions. 


The Source - Episode 8 - Party Andymal (Regionals recap and D&D review)

April 20, 2016

Stephen, Brooks and Ve talk about their regionals experiences along with the top 4 from the Florida regionals. Also, the Source reviews the latest data pack: Democracy and Dogma! 


The Source - Episode 7 - Business First … Last!

April 6, 2016

Brooks, Stephen and Ve give a brief overview of Business First just in time for Dogma and Democracy to be released, wrap up the store championship season and announce the winner of the #HelpWeyland competition!


Extra Click 4: Store Champs and Stephen’s love of Ekomind

March 16, 2016

Stephen and Ve discuss how store championships have been going so far, CBI raid and other Netrunner happenings. Remember to submit an entry for our Weyland contest if you haven't already. We will announce the winner and notable entries on our next full episode. 


The Source - Episode 6 - What is the plural of mongoose?

February 3, 2016

Ve, Stephen and Brooks discuss the latest data pack: Kala Ghoda, The NAPD's most wanted list and the current nature of the Weyland Consortium. Also featured in the episode is our first give away! (applause) Tune in to find out how to enter!


The Source - Episode 5 - The Source Awakens

January 6, 2016

Ve, Stephen and Brooks wrap up 2015 with some of their favorite cards. Some good, some bad and some ugly. We also briefly talk about the new Star Wars movie (no spoilers). 


Extra Click 3: #WantonDestruction2016 with Steven Wooley

December 2, 2015

Ve Herrmann and Stephen Ball talk to Steven Wooley about his worlds experience and upcoming spoiled cards in the mumbad cycle! 


The Source - Episode 4 - The Podcast is Adam

November 18, 2015

Security Specialist Ve Herrmann, Compulsive Hacker Stephen Ball and Invasive Predator Brooks Hamer discuss Data and Destiny; the newest deluxe expansion for ANR! 


Extra Click 2: Zach Cavis GenCon Intervention

October 21, 2015

Stephen Ball and Ve Herrmann talk to Zach Cavis about his recent experience at GenCon, the meta going into worlds and other games Zach enjoys.