The Source - Episode 37 - Penultimate

June 27, 2018

Stephen and Ve discuss the news of FFG jacking out of Android Netrunner, the upcoming massive final episode, plans for world's and upcoming plans for the podcast going forward. 

Check out our gofundme to get to world's below:


The Source - Episode 35 - I Drink Your Diesel

May 22, 2018

The Source is back with Scot Pags (Spags). We highlight The Devil and the Dragon, Whispers in Nalubaale and Kampala Ascendent to finish off the Kitara cycle. Then we talk about the movie There Will Be Blood and Paul Thomas Anderson's filmography. Join us next time when we discuss Paddington 2. 


The Source - Episode 34 - Party All the Time

March 27, 2018

Ve and Stephen discuss recent netrunner announcements including the MWL and the newly announced Reign and Reverie. They highlight the newest datapack: Council of the Crest and discuss movies they've watched recently. 


The Source - Episode 33 - Buenos Dias

February 20, 2018

The Source podcast is back. We discuss Down the White Nile, introduce a movie segment, and discuss our top 5 movies of 2017. If people would like to follow our movie discussion next time, make sure to watch There Will Be Blood. 


The Source - Episode 32 - CTZ_Neural

January 4, 2018

Stephen and Ve return from a post world's break to discuss the new cards from Sovereign Sight as well as the art in revised core. 


The Source - Episode 31 - World’s 2017 Part 2 (Featuring Jonas Wilson, Timmy Wong, Alex White and Chris Dyer)

November 23, 2017

Stephen and Ve continue their World's 2017 and Miami Connection discussion with another superstar cast of Jonas Wilson, Timmy Wong, Alex White and Chris Dyer! 


The Source - Episode 30 - World’s 2017 Part 1 (Featuring Seamus, Dan D’argenio and Scot Pags)

November 14, 2017

Stephen and Ve discuss their first experience with World's 2017. They are joined by a superstar cast of Seamus, Dan D'argenio and Scot Pags! Stay tuned for more interviews to come! 


The Source - Episode 29 - The Metropole Quiz

October 19, 2017

The Source is joined by Metropole Grid's Andrej Gomizelj. We put him to the test with some world's trivia and talk all things world's and the upcoming cycle.


The Source - Episode 28 - Full English (featuring Ollie)

October 8, 2017

The Source podcast is joined by Ollie. We discuss community with a focus on the recent netrunnerdb exploit and making tournament spaces more welcoming for trans players. 


The Source - Episode 27 - Salvaged Sam’s Armory (ft Sam Suied)

October 3, 2017

The Source is joined by special guest: Sam Suied to discuss the removed and restricted list as well as viable archtypes for world's!